Donors: The OTHER Members of Our Cycling Team

Our ARSA cyclists are almost halfway to Capetown, with 10 days to go and logging 475 kilometers so far.

We want to take this moment to acknowledge all of the donors who are making ARSA 3.0 possible. ARSA held two fund-raising events in July in New York, and an amazing number of people came to show their support with donations and good wishes. We also are grateful to our online supporters and donors. Please continue to donate to ARSA’s cause.

And a GIANT thank you to our giant donors:

  • Mike’s Bikes Foundation in San Francisco, California (Thank you!)
  • The Bike Shop, Gabz in Gaborone, Botswana (Thanks to Paul!)
  • Cajees Cycle Corner at Princess Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa (Thanks so much, Fatima!)
  • Carol Hyman of San Francisco (Thank you, Carol!)

Mike’s Bikes regularly donates bicycles to Africa. Check out their projects at Mike’s Bikes Africa Projects.

“They donated all the bikes to the cycle shop … that we got them from in Gaborone, Botswana, which is called The Bike Shop, Gabz,” says Bryan Urbsaitis, ARSA founder. “They gave all the clothes as well, and the cycles and the helmets, the extra gloves, the cycling clothes, tons of matching outfits … just everything you could ever dream of.”

Cajees Cycle Corner has been supporting ARSA from the first ride three years ago.

“Fatima, a lovely woman there who has been helping us for the last three rides, this year even not only gave us a humongous discount but generously donated 20 extra pairs of cycling shoes that she just had floating around in her back room,” Bryan says.

But the generosity didn’t stop there.

“We got a bunch of other cleats from Carol Hyman, in San Francisco, an individual donor,” Bryan adds. “Between those three companies and a fourth individual, Carol Hyman, we got everything we needed. … We had outfits for everybody.”

The in-kind donations of equipment and other gear allowed ARSA to sponsor riders from Alexandra township. ARSA is providing funds, food, and support to about two dozen youth cyclists ages 20 to 25 to provide a positive experience for these young men and women.

In the final days leading up to the kick-off of ARSA 3.0 in Johannesburg, ARSA stilled hoped to get more bicycles and was badly in need of 15 to 30 pairs of shoes in good condition and of various sizes. Cycling shoes are important in preventing injuries.

“I think we have about 18 cycles now, we were still looking for 12 more. We also have 23 helmets, we’re looking for 7 more, and a bunch of shoes,” Bryan reported at the start of ARSA 3.0. “You know, cycling shoes was the big equipment that we needed. We needed matching cycling shoes, pedals, because the brand of the cleat and the brand of the pedal have to go together but then they can be attached to any cycling shoe.”

Thanks to a whole community of ARSA supporters, ARSA cyclists are equipped from head to toe to bike, from helmets to pumps to bottles to cleats.

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