Participant Profile: Tshedimoso Association

As ARSA 3.0 nears the end of its first third of the ride across South Africa, we continue to cheer on our riders.  Here, we take a look at some of our participants and fellow advocates for a cure to AIDS/HIV.

This year, AIDS Ride South Africa is proud to have youth from the Tshedimoso Association riding.  The association offers social programs that uplift communities, and so it has partnered up with ARSA to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for these South African youth.

The Tshedimoso Association is a nonprofit based in Pretoria that seeks to involve youth in South African society and contribute to their development.  The association’s objective is to reclaim and improve the lives and dreams of the country’s youth in its belief that obtaining essential services and facilities will in turn enable the country — as well as the continent — to develop economically, politically and socially by investing in its youth.

The name Tshedimoso is taken from the local Sotho language and means light or enlightenment, says Mr. Serofo Motshekga, the organization’s chief executive director. “We decided on this name because we had a vision to give and assist the youth in our country to see the light that anything is possible if one puts his mind to it,” he explains. “This vision stems from the fact that many young people don’t realise the power they possess, and therefore Tshedimoso seeks to help them realise the power they have within, and this we believe will assist in shaping their futures, bringing down the unemployment rate and other challenges facing our society today.”

The organization was formed in 2010 in recognizing that, since the major political progress in 1994, economic emancipation still eludes many who live in poverty against a growing gap with the extremely rich.  The Tshedimoso Association seeks to find opportunities and facilitate the process of bridging the economic and social gaps in South Africa. Tshedimoso does this by focusing on business development, education, and labor relations in the community.  Chief among the organization’s initiatives are the following:

  • acquiring agricultural land in order to combat poverty in rural and underprivileged areas;
  • creating awareness among youth about South African culture and heritage, both in schools and other public arenas;
  • creating business opportunities for young people; and
  • working with others who share common goals — organizations and stakeholders in the public and private sectors, individuals as well as communities, and learning institutions.

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