ARSA 3.0 Kicks Off in Johannesburg!

ARSA 3.0 got off to a great start today in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is the third annual cross-country ride for ARSA and also kicks off the ride from International AIDS Conference 2012 towards the next conference in Melbourne, Australia, in 2014 as part of the AIDS Ride events linking the routes from one conference to the next.

The International AIDS Conference 2012 was held July 22 through 27 and concluded Friday. Of note, one of the prominent voices at the conference was South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Also among the presentations at the conference, scientists shone a light on two cases that bring more hope for an actual cure for HIV infection, the cause of AIDS. The two male patients seem to have been cleared of the virus.

Through ARSA 3.0, ARSA encourages those affected by and those infected with HIV to continue to be physically active while drawing attention to the continuing efforts to fight HIV and AIDS.

In ARSA 3.0, Addicted To Life is partnering with ARSA with its riders cycling from Constitutional Hill to Hector Peterson Memorial. This is the first leg of a 14-leg ride from Johannesburg to Capetown (see entire route and the map). ARSA 3.0 finishes in Capetown on 15 August 2012.

Join us via this blog throughout the next couple of weeks for updates along the route and to cheer on our cyclists!

ARSA 2011 file photo


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